About Us

At Gregory’s Sunday Brunch and Affordable Elegance Catering, we are committed to providing high-quality food and outstanding service at an exceptional value. It is our belief that in the hospitality industry, memories are comprised of food, fellowship, and fun. We are dedicated to providing our clients and their guests to have a memorable experience with great food in a family atmosphere.

Our Story

Affordable Elegance Catering began business in May 1997 and moved to the current location in November of that year.  It was definitely an amazing and exciting year!  We could say “…and the rest is history!”, but that history has been an awesome experience for us and we love to share highlights of our story.

Not long after founding Affordable Elegance Catering, we were regularly asked, “Do you have a restaurant?” or “Do you have an event space?”  We often discussed the possibilities and with the increasing success of Affordable Elegance and discovering the space becoming available in our commercial building, Gregory’s Sunday Brunch and Event Space was launched in July 2011. “Gregory’s” is named after Gregory Stokes, co-owner, and partner with his wife,  Dee-Dee Stokes.

His Story

Thank God for Dirty Dishes!

We can’t tell our story without sharing and honoring the One who is the true secret of our success. We are so grateful to God and our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ who makes every accomplishment possible.  We are blessed and thank Him every day for allowing us to manage the business that He has so graciously provided for us.

One of our favorite reminders and testaments to our faith is the phrase, “Thank God for dirty dishes!”  God has given us everything that we have that makes Affordable Elegance and Gregory’s Sunday Brunch possible.  This concept was “borrowed” by a long-time Pastor friend, Arlin Alpers, who preached a sermon by this title one Thanksgiving morning.  He talked about having food to eat, money to buy that food with, a house to eat it in, family and friends to share it with…and yes, at the end of that wonderful meal….dirty dishes too.  Have you ever stopped to think that those dreaded dirty dishes represent so many wonderful blessings?

We realized that day, and are still very conscious of the fact today, that “Thank God for dirty dishes” means even more to us at Affordable Elegance and Gregory’s Sunday brunch.  Not only have we enjoyed all the things that Pastor listed, but we’ve also had a great team of employees who make those dirty dishes possible, we’ve been able to provide for them and their families, and we’ve had many wonderful clients to serve.  Every time we look into our kitchen filled with dirty dishes, rather than grumble and complain about the work to be done, we can reflect on what an awesome God we serve and how He makes everything – including dirty dishes – possible.