Easter at Gregory’s Sunday Brunch - April 1, 2018

Easter Sunday is super special at Gregory’s Sunday Brunch!

Every year, Greg and Dee-Dee Stokes painstakingly plan and prepare the meal with love just like the family did growing up! Anyone who’s been around for the Raymore area for any length of time knows that Gregory’s Sunday Brunch is the perfect solution gregory's sunday brunchwhen thegregory's sunday brunch Easter Sunday meal planning becomes either too overwhelming or simply goes awry like in the case of that turkey or ham not turning out just right! So what did Gregory’s Sunday Brunch serve on Easter Sunday? Well, a lovingly prepared carved smoked honey ham, sweet potato souffle, rice pudding, a wide selection of specialty desserts, just to name a few. But checking out the Easter Sunday menu with your pallet is the best way to find out what it’s like to take part in Easter Sunday Brunch at Gregory’s! Make your reservations early next year, right here! Seats fill up fast!!